KBC Head Office Mumbai – KBC Head Office Number +19188444474

KBC is a famous Indian reality TV game show where the contestants can win millions by correctly answering multiple-choice questions. It is the Indian version of the renowned program Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and is hosted by the Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan in Mumbai. It was first aired in 2000, and since then, it has had a lot of success. If you want to participate in this lucky draw please visit KBC head office in Mumbai, KBC Head office address is (Lower Parel, Friends Colony, Kurla West, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India).

Besides the KBC game show in Mumbai, the KBC team has also introduced the lottery and the famous KBC lucky draw for the participants. Many people wonder how to contact the KBC team for any queries or once they have won the lottery. There are several ways to reach the KBC team, including contacting customer support or directly calling the head office. Both methods are entirely legal, and the KBC team gives complete responses to customers.

KBC Head Office Mumbai

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KBC Contact Number +19188444465

What is the Best Time to Contact KBC?

Any individual or participant can call the KBC office on its official number. It is worth mentioning one can contact it during office hours only. After making the call, you will hear the instructions regarding the next steps. Here, you can complain about any fraudulent activities or get general information about the KBC lottery and lucky draw.

Keep in mind that if you call the KBC team after hours, you can leave a voicemail with your contact number. The KBC team will reach you during regular business hours from Monday to Saturday. You can expect a return call from the representative within 12 to 24 hours after your call. The queries can be submitted through email, and you will be able to receive all the answers to the concerns.

Is it Possible to Get the KBC Head Office Number for Mumbai?

Only the Mumbai head office number of KBC is the official one; therefore, if any individual is interacting with you outside this line, there are chances that it is a fraud. Calling the head office number will get you to the representative, and this individual will guide you regarding how to become eligible for the lucky draw.

You will also get complete guidance regarding the prize amount from the KBC head office number. It is worth mentioning that the number is the same for all the queries. The staff can even help you by giving you information about whether you have won the lottery or not. You have to give them your lottery number, and you will get a swift response.

What are the Advantages of Dialing the KBC Head Office Number?

  • The main advantage of calling the KBC head office number is that you will be able to check your status as the lucky winner of the KBC lottery.
  • You will also be safe from fraudulent activities, as you will receive calls or texts from only one number, the head office number.
  • You can either contact the KBC head office number if you win the lottery. Otherwise, you will get a response from the same number regarding the next steps after winning the lottery.
  • The KBC contact number is clearly stated on the official KBC website; therefore, you don’t need to contact any other number.

What are the Different Ways to Contact KBC?

Contact a Customer Representative

If you want to contact the customer care of KBC, then you can dial the toll-free customer support number. The customer support representative can be reached through a mobile phone, landline, or any other device. You have to keep in mind that the customer representative is an expert in issues related to the bank transfer of the lottery amount, lottery registration, and complaints regarding fake calls.

Contact KBC Head Office +19188444465

The head office of KBC is in Mumbai, and it allows every person to get in contact with it in case of any issues. If a person wants to receive the winning amount or get information about the winner’s list in the database, then calling the head office is the right option. The team of experts available in the head office will be there to resolve any issues and guide you through the entire process of registering and winning the lottery.

Reality game shows are prevalent in all parts of the world, but KBC has achieved new heights because of the excitement and big prizes for the participants. This show is hosted by the Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan and has been on top of the list for many years. Looking at the popularity of KBC, the KBC team has launched other products for the benefit of the public, which includes the KBC lottery system.

Those who want to participate in the KBC show need more information about it. The most important thing is to contact the KBC head office on their helpline number or WhatsApp. When you call the head office number of KBC, its representative will attend to you, and you can get information about the lottery, your status as a lucky winner, registration, and verification of your account.

What is the KBC Head Office Official Contact Number?

Participating in the KBC lucky draw has become easy, as you need to join the lottery and recharge the sim. You can increase your chances of winning by restoring the sim, but in case of any questions, contacting the KBC head office is also essential. Now it is possible for you to directly contact the KBC staff in their head office for information about the lottery and registration.

If you want to get the correct information, you can contact the KBC head office contact number when you need it. However, people get confused about whether the number is official or authentic. When you directly call the KBC head office, you don’t need to worry about anything, as it is entirely legal, and you will be given complete guidance.

Contact Through WhatsApp or Email

If you are busy and don’t want to contact the customer representative of KBC, you can contact the team through email and WhatsApp. Through email, you will get the same response as you will get by making a phone call, and your problem will be solved instantly. WhatsApp is another medium of contacting customer support if you want a quick reply to your queries.