Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager | KBC Lottery Winner 2023 List Today

Rana Pratap Singh KBC, or popularly known as KBC, is an Indian TV quiz game show. It is the Hindi language adaptation of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. It has been hosted by entertainer Amitabh Bachchan since its commencement, except during the third season, which actor Shah Rukh Khan hosted. The program broadcasted on Star Plus for its initial three seasons from 2000 to 2007 and was appointed by the programming group of Sameer Nair. Since 2010. It has been circulating on Sony Entertainment Television and is created by Big Synergy.

Contestants are asked numerous questions based on current affairs and general knowledge. They should choose the correct answer from the four options provided and are given lifelines that might be used if they are unsure. Since season 7 out of 2013, the top prize has been ₹ seven crores.

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Fake Call Presenting As Rana Pratap Singh KBC WhatsApp Number

The Fraudster is calling around using the names of Mr. Vijay Kumar Sharma, MD. Vijay Kumar, Rana Pratap Singh KBC Lottery Manager to fool people. Only because of the accessibility of the head office number of the KBC lottery game show, you’re open to getting any data and methods for entering the KBC show. After you approach the helpline number of KBC, you do not have to take any more headaches. You can rely upon KBC customer support to manage your queries.

If you want to enter the game show and meet your dream superstar Amitabh Bachchan, you have to ignore and report such fake calls to the KBC head office number.

Contact the KBC head office if you have any issues or know anything about the game show. These counterfeit calls are jeopardizing the reputation of popular game shows. The KBC head office is not making the calls, so beware of such fraudsters. They might ask you for your bank details and other crucial information, or some cash deposit too. Believing such fraudsters will lead you to lose your hard-earned money.

Rana Pratap Singh KBC Manager

How to Check KBC Lottery Online

To checkout the kbc lottery online please first of all get your kbc lottery number by calling on kbc head office number and enter your winner mobile number and lottery number in the below column.

If you don’t know how to check kbc lottery or if you don’t have your registered lottery number please contact kbc head office number or contact us on KBC WhatsApp number.

KBC Lottery Winner List 2023 Today

Sr. #:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:Date:
1.Mr. Krishna Kumar25,00,000 INR100108109-06-2023
2.Mr. Rana Pratap Singh25,00,000 INR8991909-06-2023
3.Ms. Madhu Devi25,00,000 INR445509-06-2023
4.Mr. Babu Lal Chauhan35,00,000 INR115509-06-2023
5.Mr. AshokVarma35,00,000 INR89917709-06-2023
6.Sunder Singh50,00,000 INR5071809409-06-2023
7.Mr. Rahul Kumar Pandey1,00,00,000 INR899109-06-2023

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh

Fake Caller presented himself as MD Rana Pratap Singh, SBI Bank Manager

Some Unknown Caller presented himself as MD Rana Pratap Singh, SBI Bank Manager. If you need to see the star of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan, you should call the head office number of KBC and register yourself by giving all pertinent data to the team of KBC. Whoever buys a lottery ticket and is interested in knowing whether they are on the winners’ list, should contact the head office number directly. Numerous individuals are constantly trying to jeopardize this game’s image as this show is famous everywhere in the country, so fraudsters are making fake calls to lure the citizens. You must know about a particularly false caller. If you partake in the KBC game show, you get an opportunity to turn into the crorepati.

KBC Office Number Mumbai

The helpline number of KBC is consistently available. You can call without fail. All data related to KBC is given through the team of KBC. You can get all the data that is identified with this game show. You’ve been equipped to know all the essential information. Try not to believe the third-party callers; call on helpline numbers and get all the data you need to perceive. Using the KBC helpline number methods, you can, without any hassle, get any data from the KBC Head Office Number. You can get the data related to lottery structure, lottery number, lottery draw, lottery winner posting, lottery confirmation, lottery tickets, etc.

Mr. Rana Pratap Singh KBC WhatsApp Number Fraudsters

There is no compelling reason to purchase any lottery number essentially. Check this site to check your lottery number. You can likewise contact the KBC helpline number, and the team will help you in such a circumstance. Now you can enter your mobile number just as the lottery number. When your lottery numbers match with the number accessible on the site, you are among those most fortunate people who become the winner of the KBC lottery; however, the greatest significant thing is then there’s no need to tell another third party who you don’t know.

You can approach the KBC game show’s helpline show and get further rules around how you get a cash reward. Rana Pratap Singh KBC WhatsApp Number, the KBC group, doesn’t help you if you do publicity because the KBC team isn’t answerable for any misfortune. Suppose you share this data, then anybody can get a copy SIM and get the winning sum. Beware of each of those phony callers who use the name of MD Rana Pratap Singh, KBC Winner Lottery Officer or SBI Bank Manager.

KBC Head Office Number

Some Unknown and Fake Callers Send the KBC Lottery SMS on people’s WhatsApp and present themselves as MD Rana Pratap Singh SBI Bank Manager or KBC Officer. However, the head office number of the KBC show plays a significant role in the show’s successful journey. KBC helpline number is presently effectively accessible on the site. If you need to contact the KBC team, you can go to the webpage and get any data related to the KBC phone number KBC game show you can contact at the number given.

How can i Contact Jio KBC Head Office

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Dear Jio users to contact on Jio KBC head office please follow these steps:

  1. Visit KBC Official Website
    Dear Jio users please visit KBC official website ( https://kbcofficialwebsite.com ) and click on contact us Page.
  2. Jio KBC Head Office Number or Jio KBC WhatsApp Number
    When you visit the contact us page you can choose dialing or WhatsApp number. It’s your choice.
  3. Dial Head Office Number
    To dial Jio kbc head office number first of all dial 001 country code 91 and 10 digit area code. Example: 001 91 88444474.
  4. Jio WhatsApp Number
    To contact KBC via WhatsApp please save the Jio kbc head office number on your mobile and refresh the contact page in your WhatApp and contact the Jio KBC Head office.


Is Rana Pratap Singh KBC Manager?

Rana Pratap Singh is currently serving as the manager of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati).

What is the KBC Head Office Number?

0019188444474 is the Head office number of KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati).

Who is the supervisor of KBC?

Mr. Rana Pratap Singh, Mr. Vijay Kumar and Mr. Vijay Sharma are the supervisors of KBC, And Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is the Host of KBC.

Who is the KBC Lottery Manager?

Mr. Rana Pratap Singh is the KBC Lottery Manager.