KBC Lottery Winner 2023 List Today | KBC Official Website 25 Lakh Lottery

Everyone has heard about the KBC lottery and game show. There are innumerable participants and registrations each year for the game show. Several online registrations and platforms open to conduct website registrations and participation procedures. There are many online and SMS lotteries that are carried out for KBC Lottery winners, KBC Lucky Draw, and so on.

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh List

Now we are showing the KBC Lottery winner 2023 25 lakh list here:

Sr. #:KBC Winner Name:Winning Amount:Lottery Number:Date:
1.Mr. Krishna Kumar25,00,000 INR100108109-06-2023
2.Mr. Rana Pratap Singh25,00,000 INR8991909-06-2023
3.Ms. Madhu Devi25,00,000 INR445509-06-2023
4.Mr. Babu Lal Chauhan35,00,000 INR115509-06-2023
5.Mr. AshokVarma35,00,000 INR89917709-06-2023
6.Sunder Singh50,00,000 INR5071809409-06-2023
7.Mr. Rahul Kumar Pandey1,00,00,000 INR899109-06-2023

KBC Lottery Winner 2023 25 Lakh

For more information about KBC Winner list 2023 please call KBC Head Office number 0019188444474. Similarly you can also call on KBC WhatsApp Number to get the Jio lottery details online.

KBC Official Website

The official KBC website gets numerous registrations and participation in the KBC game show, KBC lottery, and KBC Lucky Draw. Many individuals have also won lotteries and competed on the KBC game show.

On the other hand, there are many fake websites, scam messages, and unrealistic KBC winner lists circulated throughout. It is important that you stay aware of such scams. To participate in the KBC Quiz show and register, only reach out and refer to the official website. You can get all the required details and steps of the procedure on the official KBC website.

The official KBC website mentions all the precautions and processes that you need to follow. Make sure to abide by the website terms to avoid scams. You can read out the official KBC guide and staff through live calls or WhatsApp from the below number:

Contact numbers:

KBC Lottery

The KBC winner list 2023 also shows many winners. You can participate and win in the KBC lottery.

The KBC guide book is available to assist you in learning and knowing better about the game show. It is a perfect module to research the KBC quizzes and prepare yourself. The book consists of several practice questions and answers just like the reality game show. It gives you a very elaborate experience of the KBC Lottery game. You can be a KBC Lottery winner with the help of this guidebook that gives you an in-depth and detailed view of the quiz show in many realistic and practical ways.

With the KBC Lottery, you can win up to 25 Lakh Rupees. Many winners have been declared each year, like in the KBC Lottery winner list 2023.

How to Check KBC Lottery Number Online

To check your lottery number online please call Jio KBC Head office number 0019188444474. Similarly you can also check your lottery online by entering your winner mobile number and your registered lottery number here.

KBC Winner 2023

With the many participants and opportunities to win at the lottery games, there have been many prize winners as well. The winners have been able to receive cash awards up to 25 lakh rupees.

Here are some of the KBC Lottery Winners of 2023:

Sl. No. KBC Lottery Winner names Amount won

  • Ms. Reham Khan 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Abro Sharma 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Anwar Ali Tamba 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Arjun Kumar Sharma 25 Lakh INR
  • Ms. Mansi Joshi 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Dhyan Chand 25 Lakh INR
  • Ms. Manpreet Singh 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Bawa Jee 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Haji Nazeer Ahmad 25 Lakh INR
  • Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh 25 Lakh INR

It is necessary to have the important basic information and follow the rules to ensure proper participation without any hindrances.

With all the proper instructions and rules, you can be one of the lucky winners. You can also be a lucky winner and earn a good sum of money at home. Visit the website, call, or send your enquiries to our Official Staff through WhatsApp messaging.

How to Participate in the KBC Game Show?

The official website of KBC Lottery provides all necessary information and step by step details to enroll in the KBC quiz show.

You can participate by registering through any number or sim card. KBC takes into consideration all mobile networks and extends cooperation.

To be a participant in the KBC Lucky Draw, you will have to be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of India. You have to be healthy and fit with sound mental functioning and family background.

In case of any doubts or misunderstandings, call on the official numbers. The KBC Staff at the offices are ready to serve you.

You can also refer to the Sony Mobile application App to confirm your details and register your name for the next season. If you are lucky enough, you can reach the KBC Lottery show and be a KBC Lottery winner in 2023 as well.

KBC Lucky Draw 2023

There have been many fake and fraudulent messages being circulated about KBC Winner Lists on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. Be careful of these numbers and do not comply with their exploiting fraudulent policies. They might lead you onto fake procedures of participation and ask for money. This money may be reasoned as necessary for communication, transport, and Lucky Draw processes.

Con artists may be employed to carry out fake calls and extend false information about participation in the KBC Lottery.

The official website and KBC staff never charges any expense on participation in the KBC games. The head office can be contacted for further details. There is also a particular Lottery information center that can be reached for help by the customers at any time.

Kindly do not respond to fraud numbers to prevent risk. Contact us on your live calling or WhatsApp facilities to learn about fake numbers. We ensure total safety and protection against scams and account hackings.

The participation processes for KBC Lottery Winner are easy and simple. Just connect with the official sites and numbers for expert guidance.

KBC Winner 2023

You can also be a KBC winner this year by following our simple rules and participating in this show. There have been many participants throughout the 13 seasons of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Grab a chance to win attractive cash prizes. Participate in the KBC lottery and answer general knowledge questions to win money. You can also make use of the various lifelines offered in this game to win.

Contact the mentioned WhatsApp or live call numbers to book your seats for this season of KBC.

Contacts and official websites:


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