KBC Helpline Number 0019188444478 | KBC Helpline WhatsApp Number

Customer service’s priceless KBC helpline number makes participation in KBC events thrilling because of the friendly customer service. However, even more importantly, our KBC helpline number India exists as a guide to help you with everything you need to have a smooth experience on our platform. Hence, you can now reach out to our helpline numbers without any hassle. So don’t be late by calling on KBC Head Office Helpline Number for Jio +19188444478. Because if you are late and you are a KBC winner then you can lose your lottery prize thanks.

Nevertheless, you have to be wary of scammers who are lurking around to take advantage of your hard-earned money. Our KBC helpline number for Jio solves all your enquiries and shows you what 100% customer satisfaction looks like. Learn more.

KBC Helpline Number

Do you have problems with missing lottery numbers? Have you found it difficult to register on our platform, claim your prizes, or recognize fake calls? Our customer service provides you with all the support you need to have fun and win on our platform. KBC helpline number is reliable, and our experienced staff offers you support on all platforms.

Please note that our policies are subject to change and that the latest KBC season might be reinforced with additional measures to protect customers from scams. Our KBC helpline number for Jio is 0019188444454. After placing a call, our staff will direct you to the appropriate quarters where you need help. We always cross-check the prize amount and authenticity of your win to ensure that no one is defrauded. The general functions of the KBC helpline are:

  • To provide help to all customers
  • To prevent fraudulent attempts on our platform
  • Ensuring the smooth functioning of the game show.

KBC India Helpline Number List

No:KBC Helpline:Official Number:
1.Helpline Mumbai+19188444454
2.Helpline Delhi+19188444478
3.India Helpline Kolkata+19188444479
4.All India Helpline Number+19188444480
5.KBC Head office Helpline Number+19188444170
6.KBC Helpline Number For Jio+19188444474
7.KBC Helpline Number India+19188444459

For more information about kbc lottery prize 2021 or about the Jio lottery prize 2021 please contact above numbers. You can also contact this number for the KBC lottery registration and about the Jio KBC lottery registration. On this website we are also updating kbc winner list 2021 and Jio kbc winner list 2021 on this website.

Check KBC Lottery Prize Online

Dear winner of kbc, if you are a kbc winner in 2021 and you have won the prize of 25 lakhs or 25 lakhs then don’t be late and check your lottery prize on this website. Similarly if you don’t have your registered lottery number please call or helpline number +19188444479. You can also call on this number to participate in KBC (kaun banega crorepati). So don’t be late and call the kbc head office helpline immediately.

Caution KBC Head Office Helpline Number

KBC impostors have been on the rise lately. You might find people who claim to be KBC officials trying to dupe people. Kindly note that you also must verify whatever information is presented to you. As much as we have put strict measures in place for your safety, we also need your cooperation. If you receive a call or text that says you have won a lottery or some huge prize, kindly call the KBC helpline number to ascertain this information. In addition, please note the following: 

  • Do not make deposits to claim prizes
  • Registration is basically free and straightforward because KBC is affiliated with sim cards in the country
  • KBC helpline number would not call you to ask for money
  • Do not release unsolicited personal information 
  • Do not pick KBC-related calls from Pakistan numbers (+923 or 00923)
  • We also post the list of lottery winners or lucky draw winners on our website

Failure to follow any of these rules might leave you at risk of being ripped off. Swindlers come with many different tricks to make people fall for their scams. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for fake callers. Besides, it would be of great benefit to understand our policies and how the system works.

KBC Head Office

KBC head office number is our means of reaching out to customers to help them understand how our platform works. More so, users’ security is paramount, and we ensure that no one falls for fraudsters as long as they follow the rules. Over the years, the Jio KBC head office has evolved to become a respectable company in the country. As a result, we do not tolerate rip-offs.

We have entered into another exciting season of KBC bliss, and you can leverage our KBC helpline number to enjoy a memorable season. Remember that your protection is a shared responsibility, and we would do everything on our part to safeguard our customers. We would not falter in helping you with any issues. Reach out to us on 0019188444478.

KBC Head Office Address:

Now we are showing the kbc head office address of Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi:

  • 11, 11, Nagendra Nath Road, Pratapaditya Nagar, Nagerbazar, Kamardanga, Kolkata, West Bengal 700028, India.
  • Uran – Panvel Road, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206, India.
  • TCG Financial Center, Bandra Kurla Complex Rd, G Block BKC, MMRDA Area, Kalina, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098, India.
  • 98, Yadav Nagar, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072, India.
  • New Hall Road, Friends Colony, Hallow Pul, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India.


How can i Contact KBC Helpline Number?

To contact KBC Helpline please dial 001 918 8444478.

What is the KBC Helpline Number?

KBC Helpline Number is 0019188444478.

What is the Jio KBC Helpline Number?

Jio KBC Helpline Number is 0019188444479.

Does KBC really make money?


What is Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline Number

Kaun Banega Crorepati Helpline Number is 0019188444478