KBC Head Office Number +19188444454 | Where is KBC Head Office

KBC Head Office Number service Customers and the entire Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) audience have several reasons to smile. However, a major reason is the KBC head office. For several years, the Jio KBC head office number has played a lead role in helping people enjoy the game and avoid being scammed. The KBC show is renowned for its lucky draws, mouthwatering prizes, and spectacular competition. Similarly we are showing the KBC Head Office Mumbai contact number and KBC Head Office Number Kolkata and KBC head office address in Mumbai and KBC Head Office address in Kolkata.

Nevertheless, our head office remains at the centre of all activities, from entering the platform to claiming your prizes. Sadly, fraudulent people have mimicked the KBC head office as an opportunity to rip people off. Similarly we would highlight how you can avoid being swayed by fraudsters. Find out more.

KBC Head Office Number

KBC head office has official numbers for customer service. Thus, customers are attended to via WhatsApp, phone calls, and emails. The KBC head office number is 0019188444454. Hence, if you receive a call from other numbers who claim to be from our head office, you would know that it is dishonest. 

Our duty as a reputable organization is to inform our customers of any changes in helplines, policies, and activities. KBC head office provides authentic information on how to participate in the show and carry out other activities successfully. Once we are called upon, we attend to customers immediately and leave no room for doubt about how legitimate we are. Proper understanding of the KBC head office role prevents customers from getting scammed by any means.

KBC Head Office Number List 2021

No:Head Office:Official Numbers:
1.kbc head office Mumbai+19188444479
2.kbc head office Delhi+19188444478
3.Jio KBC Head Office Number Mumbai+19188444454
4.KBC Head Office Helpline Number+19188444474
5.KBC Head Office Mumbai Contact Number+19188444480
6.KBC Head Office Number Kolkata+19188444170


We have updated all the kbc head office numbers on this website. So if you receive any call or sms about kbc lottery or about jio lottery please don’t belive on any call/sms. So don’t be late if you got kbc lottery call on kbc head office contact number Mumbai. We are always ready to help you for the kbc lottery information. Finally we warn you if you receive any call about lottery you should now that this number and message will be fake.

Check KBC Lottery Online

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Dear winner of kbc agr ap k pas lottery number nai hi tu ap kbc head office number par call kar k apna lottery ly sakty hein. Similarly agr ap jio lottery winner hein tu phir b ap es website par apni lottery online check kar sakty hein. So remember kbc lottery 2021 result every month 1th and 15th ko announce kia jata hi. So don’t be late and call KBC Helpline Number. Call Jio KBC Head Office Number +19188444454.

How can I Contact Kaun Banega Crorepati ?

Dear fan of KBC if you don’t now how to contact in Kaun Banega Crorepati please follow these steps:

  • Please visit KBC Official Website ( https://jiokbcheadoffice.in ).
  • Click on Contact us Page.
  • Chose the Dialing or WhatsApp Number.
  • Call KBC Head Office +19188444454.
  • You can also contact Kaun Banega Crorepati on email ( support@kbcjiolotterywinnerlist.com ).

Furthermore information please send us email or call KBC Office thanks.

Stay informed on KBC scams

As with any other company, there remain constant attempts at impersonating our KBC head office through different means. Hence, we have come up with some means of identifying potential scams. They are as follows:

  • Fake numbers: If you receive a call from an unknown number claiming to be KBC head office number, kindly ignore or report such cases to the appropriate bodies. These fake callers often have Pakistani numbers (with +923 or 00923 codes). Also, they might be internet numbers (with +121 code). Once you notice such an attempt to defraud you, cut the call immediately, and not release any of your personal or financial details. Besides, staying on the call for long would see you being charged an outrageous amount.
  • Fake messages/emails: Just as with the fake calls, you might be told to pay a sum of money to either participate in the show or claim a prize. Do not fall for such texts. KBC head office would never tell you to deposit money for such reasons.
  • Fake websites: You might find yourself redirected to a similar website. Afterward, these phoney people put up the wrong KBC head office details and addresses to mislead people. Always call our head office numbers the moment you suspect any fraudulent attempt. We always put our KBC head office contacts on our website, and you will also find the winners’ list there. Our multiple verification methods have been put in place to prevent you from being ripped off.

Get in touch with KBC Head Office

Safety is our most important value at the KBC head office. We believe that making customers safe should be at the core of every organization. Therefore, we have put professionals at our KBC head office to protect your interests. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any enquiries. 

KBC remains one of the most trusted shows in the country, and we remain committed to protecting our integrity. Our platform gives you unrivalled access to games, shows, kbc lotteries, lucky draws, and several other avenues to become a winner. More so, the KBC head office is at the centre of all our activities. Stay in touch with us!.

KBC Head Office Address in Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi

Dear fan of KBC if you don’t now where is KBC head office then don’t worry we are showing KBC head office address here:

  • 11, 11, Nagendra Nath Rd, Pratapaditya Nagar, Nagerbazar, Kamardanga, Kolkata, West Bengal 700028, India.
  • Uran – Panvel Rd, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206, India.
  • 98, Yadav Nagar, Chandivali, Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072, India.
  • TCG Financial Center, Bandra Kurla Complex Rd, G Block BKC, MMRDA Area, Kalina, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098, India.
  • New Hall Road, Friends Colony, Hallow Pul, Kurla, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400070, India.

Dear KBC Fans remember in offices k ilawa KBC ka koi real head office India mein nai hi. So agr koi apko wrong address dy kar missguided karta hi tu ap kbc head office mein report karin thanks.

How to Call KBC Head Office Number

So don’t pay attention to all these types of news, calls or message. KBC has only one KBC Head Office Number, which is 0019188444454. So if you receive any fraud call about KBC WhatsApp Lottery, call us at our KBC Head office number.