Jio KBC Head Office Number +19188444474 Call Free

Important notice! The Jio KBC head office number is our official contact, where customers can get in touch with us for all their enquiries. We want to notify our audience that many people have sought to abuse our good work by making fake calls and claiming that they are the Jio KBC head office number Mumbai. Kindly note that most of these callers are from Pakistan and their numbers start from 00923**** and +923*****.  Jio KBC Head Office WhatsApp number is 0019188444474.

These phone callers come with false claims that you are a lottery prize winner. Do not get enticed by such mischief because all they want to do is steal from you. Once you receive such calls, report to our KBC head office number immediately. Consequently, we will respond to such complaints swiftly. More so, if you suspect unusual actions or activities, contact the Jio KBC number. Learn more about kbc lottery 2023

Jio KBC Head Office Number List

No:Head Office:Official Number:
1.KBC Head Office Number+19188444454
2.KBC Head Office Delhi+19188444478
3.KBC Head Office Kolkata+19188444479
4.Jio KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number+19188444474
5.All India KBC Head Office Number+19188444480
6.Jio KBC Head Office Number Mumbai+19188444170

Dear kbc fans, my website is “mein humne Jio kbc ke sab number show kar diye hein. So agr apko en numbers k ilawa ks number sy call aiye tu yaad rakhein k wo number fake number hoga. KBC lottery bol k bahut sy fraud numbers sy call and sms a rahe hain. So agar apko ko fraud call ati hi tu ap Jio kbc head office number par call kar k report karin thanks.

Jio KBC head office number

Firstly, winning the Jio KBC lottery could turn your life around easily. However, in your bid to become a prize winner, you should tread carefully because fake callers and scammers regularly target our lottery participants. Our team understands that we might not be able to stop these callers entirely from calling. Nevertheless, we can make sure that our customers do not become victims by not responding to calls. 

Endeavour to keep all your personal information to yourself. You should not share it with anyone no matter how you are enticed because sharing such information might predispose you to greater risks. Your safety is our main concern. The Jio KBC head office number also has your interests at heart by guiding you on your way to winning the lottery. Hence, our ultimate aim is to ensure that you have a life-changing experience by winning the lottery.

Jio KBC Head Office Contact Number

Check Jio KBC Lottery 2023

Dear lover of kbc if you don’t have your registered lottery number please contact us at our head office thanks. Similarly you can also contact us for the latest updates about jio kbc winner list and about kbc lottery.


We are receiving a lot of complaints about the kbc lottery and about the jio lottery. The fake callers can also send you the lottery message on your WhatsApp that you are a kbc winner in 2023. Similarly they can also tell you to send your bank details and your personal details. Dear winner of kbc if you receive such call/sms please don’t trust this kind of SMS and call the official office number in Mumbai which is 0019188444474.

Becoming a Jio KBC winner

Jio lottery winners of every season go home with 25 Lakh. You will usually find a list that contains all the relevant information about the winners. We ensure the accuracy of such data through our Jio KBC head office number. Thus, to get more information and stay up-to-date with our platform, you should contact our KBC head office number. You should also note that our KBC head office number assists in virtually any capacity. We will do everything to make sure that you know how fraudsters wreak havoc on our users and their families. 

Once you buy a Jio KBC sim card, you become a part of us instantly. Afterward, you need to recharge your line regularly to increase your chances of winning. The most transparent way to confirm your status as a winner is by calling our Jio KBC official number. Our team will respond to your query by providing you with the desired information.

Jio KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number

Jio KBC is an exceptional program in the country. With over a decade of remarkable seasons where we have seen winners from different backgrounds, we understand that almost anyone has the potential to become a winner. Our Jio KBC office number has played an integral role in protecting customers and what they have won.

We want you to leverage the Jio BKC office number Mumbai for your lottery needs. Since its inception, Jio KBC has remained a notable platform in the country. By utilizing official numbers such as the Jio KBC head office number, customers can get equipped with relevant information to protect themselves and increase their chances of winning. All you need to do is get a Jio KBC sim for registration and top-up your line regularly. Get in touch with kbc head office whatsapp number

Jio KBC Head Office Whatsapp Number

How to Play KBC on Jio

Time needed: 3 minutes.

To play KBC on Jio please follow these simple steps below:

  1. Download Jio Chat App
    To play KBC on jio, first of all please download the Jio chat app from KBC official website ( ).
  2. Login with your Jio Mobile Number
    Dear Jio users, when you download the Jio chat app from KBC official website and login with your Jio Mobile Number.
  3. Call Jio KBC Head Office Number
    Call Jio KBC Head Office Number 0019188444474 and get your registration number and add this registration number.
  4. Select the KBC and Play the Game
    When you get your registration number from the Jio KBC Head office number please select KBC and Play the Game.


How can I contact KBC?

If your query is about the lottery you can get in touch by calling our KBC customer services team on 191 884 44474. We are available 7 days a week from 9am to 10pm.

How can I contact the KBC team?

To contact KBC please visit KBC official website click on contact us page and take the KBC head office number. To register any KBC complaint, you can call us on our Customer Care Number +1-91-88-444474 (WhatsApp).

What is the Jio KBC Head Office Number?

0019188444474 is the Jio KBC Head Office Number.

How to contact Jio KBC Head Office

Dial 001 India Country Code 91 and 10 digit area(88444474) code Example: 001 91 88444474

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